Rev. Billy Cole declares POLR place of refuge and restoration!

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The meeting held on the night of Wednesday, June 25, 2008, was a landmark service for the Pentecostals of Lee Road church.International evangelist Rev. Billy Cole spoke with unequivocal apostolic passion and power as he and his team ministered to the church body collectively and individually.The POLR church was admonished by Brother Cole as a chosen refuge that had been given the unique burden and ability by God to minister to the highest level of ministry; meaning that the ministers who have made the sacrifices to achieve the highest level of earthly ministry would be able to come to the POLR church and be replenished and restored.It was this revelation that caused Brother Cole with tears in his eyes to turn to Pastor Maricelli and say, “Now I understand why you had to go through what you have been through with your physical body.”At this point the congregation was encouraged to respond to the Holy Ghost.People began to form a line near Brother Cole on the platform as well as near Sister Cole in the front row of the auditorium to have these pillars of the Apostolic movement pray and prophesy over them.Everyone left feeling renewed in the Holy Ghost and with a fresh surge of faith and spiritual power!

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One Response to “Rev. Billy Cole declares POLR place of refuge and restoration!”

  1. May God bless you for your work in his Kingdom
    Please pray for me for my spiritual, emotional, physical and financial healing. Thank you very much

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