Miracle Reports

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On Sunday morning, April 27th, we had an awesome church service at the Pentecostals of Lee Road and Pastor asked all that recieved a miracle to post it to our web site. Please add a comment here to report a miracle.

Note: These reports will be posted for public view.


8 Responses to “Miracle Reports”

  1. My 7 year old daughter (Brittany Murdock)received the Holy Ghost and was babtized by Bro. Byers…wooooooooooooohooooooooooo

  2. My sugar has been extreme high (my fault of course) and I hardly ever take a count. For some reason yesterday morning I thought to do it, the machine read 140 before church. After Pastor prayed for me and I prayed forever I felt my insides quivering; hands, feet, fingers, legs and so on. I so kept trying to break the spirit after I went back to sit down but could not. Once we got home we were waiting on our chicken to finish grilling and I thought let me just test it again and it was 81! No lie! I made Jimmy, Betty, Heather and Randy all look at it!

    I have been diagnosed with severe neuropathy in my legs and hips from the sugar diabetes. No matter what meds they have put me on I just can’t find relief. I have been so miserable from the pain! After yesterday I have relief finally, they are sore today in the calf area of my left leg but I have relief compared to before! I am thankful and blessed to wear the Name of Jesus!

  3. During the miracle service on Sunday, my family didn’t have an urgent need of a miracle at that time. I prayed with you all and rejoiced with all of you and am believing for signs, wonders, and miracles to be in the midst of us. Little did I know that I would need a miracle Sunday afternoon for my son, Jayden who is 1 year old.

    We put Jayden down for his Sunday afternoon nap, as usual, in a playpen at my parent’s house. We were visiting with family and didn’t notice that our 3 year old son, Jude, had wandered off. Daniel went to look for him and found him beside the playpen where Jayden was sleeping, holding an iron fire poker. Jayden was screaming, covered in soot and blood. It was so bad I couldn’t even hold him or look at him as I was in fear of how bad it was. His right eye was bleeding and he was heaving and sobbing, inconsolably.
    I ran and got my mom and Rhonda, who are nurses, and they were trying to assess the damage to his face and eye. He wouldn’t be still and we couldn’t tell how bad it was. Papa (Pastor) got up and made his way to the back room. He laid his hands on Jayden’s head and prayed the prayer of faith with the same urgency he prayed for all of you at the miracle service. I wanted to pray but all I could do was cry and moan. I just knew Jayden was hurt terribly and would never be the same little angel again.
    We finally decided not to go the ER, but to try to console him and call the doctor, etc. My doctor was unreachable as it was Sunday afternoon.
    After about 30 minutes we tried to look at the damage again, and Jayden woke up. We let him get up, and we couldn’t see any damage done to the eye, there were just two little cuts above the eye socket, on the eyelid…it barely missed his eye, 2mm more and he would have lost his eye.
    IT WAS A MIRACLE….he acted normal, got down on the floor and rolled around and played normally..even with these ugly bruises and cuts on his face and ear.
    I kept wondering if he was okay, but he acted NORMAL…even though this traumatic thing had just happened to him.
    to make a long story short, I brought him to the dr. yesterday and he is TOTALLY FINE…they had x-rays performed on his head and there are NO fractures, nothing…only bruises and two little cuts as a reminder of God’s protective power.
    I believe that the prayers we prayed in service were still hanging around a few hours later, and our omni-present ALMIGHTY GOD was there protecting my innocent little angel, Jay Jay. I thank God there is no damage to his eye, or his skull, or his ear. I also thank God that we caught this right away, and that HE answered us right away.
    And yes, we dealt with Jude right after tending to Jayden. Please pray for Jude that we are able to help him understand the weight of something like this.
    Love you, ALL
    Chrysta M. Terrell

  4. my mother had a stroke like angioma in her brain which ruptured and bleed into her cerebleum deep in the left side. This happened in the middle of june after she went to the doctor the options that the doctor gave her were not the most positive. First was brain surgery and the other was to wait and hope that the rest of the angioma would not rupture and paralize her completely as she was already suffering from side affects of the bleed:delayed thought process, loss of motor skills, and speech impediment. Myself being the only person in my house to attend any form of church I did what I could only think to do, I started to pray and ask God to heal her. Not long after she seemed to be doing better, motor skills were getting stronger and her speech also improved. Though those were improving she seemed to start getting a new symptom horrible headaches that last for days at a time and nothing took off the edge. These started in the middle of may and she would not visit the doctor again until june 9th, so again I started to pray and ask God to relieve her from these awful headaches. Of course he came through as promised and she was healed.

    she went to the doctor on monday june 9th, the report the doctor gave was awesome, she was fine and the bleedhad dried up and she ould not have to go through with brain surgery. The doctor said that there would be no promise that it will not happen again, but i know My God and savior healed my mother and my faith has been renewed. im so excited about the things to come……..

  5. Priase the Lord for His miracle power at work right now!

  6. I struggle with alot of needs in my body and sometimes don’t know what to ask for. When Pastor starting preaching about miracles, our time for blessing and we don’t ask enough I believed and praised that all of my needs in my body would be taken care of.

    I didn’t even realize until know that before camp I could barely go without pain in my neck and back severe pains. I just came back from camp and not once did I suffer with any of those pains that would cause me to refrain from my duties and responsibilities God has healed my back pains. Further, the last day at crusader I fell and really hurt my knee. Not just the scrape on th outside the inside was hurting and I could barely walk in church but I shouted the pain away and again just realized that knee has not bothered my all week. I praise GOD for he is truly worthy and is a miracle worker. I believe he is able and will take care of all of my problems in JESUS NAME…

  7. I thank God for healing me during the message on Sunday, June 1.
    In April, something popped in my neck at the base of my skull. Immediately my head felt like it was being squeezed in a vise. The pain was very intense for the next several hours, then became a dull throbbing headache. These headaches had continued for a month and a half.
    After waking with another headache, that Sunday, I decided I needed a miracle that day. During the sermon Bro Maricelli had everyone who needed healing to stand. While praying, I turned my head and again felt that popping in my neck. The difference this time was instant relief.
    Over the next few days my neck felt sore, but the headaches were gone and have not returned.

  8. Hi! You don’s know me but I found your web site a few weeks ago and have been listening to your music. My sister lives in Pine Bluff Ark. and knows one of your members who came up to stay while the last hurricane was going on and she told my sister of the wonderful unity your church has. I found your website and love the music. I have been up since 5 this morning watching the weather channel and saw where Lee community was getting hit pretty bad and the Lord had me pray for yall. I go to the Apostolic Church of Bellefonte…its a small church right outside of Harrison Arkansas..( 30 minutes from Branson Missouri) My pastor is Rev. Leon Fontenot…he has family in Lake Charles. His wife is Shelia. Stay safe and just know that your wonderful Jesus has saints praying for you!
    Your Sister forever,
    Jennifer Poore

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